bob电竞平台appCoregas董事长Alan Watkins表示,“Coregas致力于推动更清洁能源和氢的创新是我们的优先事项。我们与Jemena的协议是一个至关重要的一步,我们很高兴能够从2022年向南威尔士州的客户提供绿色氢气,“他说。“The agreement with Jemena underpins Coregas’ commitment to developing Australia’s hydrogen economy and complements our work on the Port Kembla commercial hydrogen refuelling station, our years supporting the hydrogen fuel needs of automotive companies such as Hyundai Australia, and our own commitment to a more sustainable future demonstrated by our purchase of Australia’s first two hydrogen powered heavy trucks.”

Jemena’s General Manager for Renewable Gas, Gabrielle Sycamore, said “We know that green hydrogen has the immediate potential to become a viable zero emission alternative to many petroleum-based fossil fuels currently used by industries such as remote power generation and the transport sector, particularly for heavy vehicles.”